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Football’s Soon to Be New Legend- Patrick Mahomes

Patrick-Mahomes-Kansas-city-chiefsLet’s talk about Patrick Lavone Mahomes the star Quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. This kid is getting quite the recognition for his amazing skill out of the field.  Already exceeding records and making a name for himself at the young age of 23 he has a multitude of talent and was definitely one of the best draft picks I’ve seen in a long time! Check out our facts and statistics regarding this great football player and if you didn’t already appreciate his skill set you will for sure after reading this post!

Facts/Statistics of Patrick Mahomes

  • Born on september 17, 1995, his dad is Major league baseball pitcher Patrick Mahomes. Which makes him Patrick Mahomes II
  • Grew up playing football, baseball and basketball but had a love and skill for football
  • Attended college and played football for Texas Tech before being drafted by the Chiefs in 2017 as the 10th overall pick
  • His passes are clocked at a whopping 60mph!
  • Teams such as the Arizona Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati bengals, LA Chargers, Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears and the Pittsburgh Steelers all were looking to draft him
  • As of July 20, 2017 the Chiefs signed him with a guaranteed 4 year contract paying 16.42 million dollars with a signing bonus of 10.08 million
  • In his first starting game against the Denver Broncos he played most of the game and helped lead the Chiefs to a 27-24 win, accomplishing 22 out of 35 passes and 284 yards with an interception
  • As of January 20, 2018 the Chiefs traded their starting Quarterback Alex Smith and made Mahomes their starting quarterback. In his first game as starting quarterback he lead the Chief to a 38-28 win against the LA Chargers
  • He is the first ever to throw 3,000 yards in his first 10 games
  • Most ever touchdown passes made in his first 3 career games
  • Youngest quarterback to throw 6 touchdowns in 1 game at just 22 years old

kansas-city-chiefs-quarterbackThis kid is just beginning his football career and already taking the field by storm.  With a little more professional game play under his belt he is surely to become even more on fire!  Way to go Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs were lucky to sign you and we are sure the ALL of the teams looking at you as a top prospect are upset they didn’t offer and close a deal with you before Kansas scooped you up!


Forget Tailgating This Year…..Try Boat-Gating Instead!!

Heinz-FieldPretty much anyone that loves football can appreciate some good tailgating with freinds and/or family.  Often times tailgating gives us the opportunity to get in the spirit and have some fun while relaxing before a big game! But what if I told you could take tailgating up a notch?  Yep, that’s right, tailgating possibly just got a whole lot better and perhaps without the bumper to bumper traffic trying to get into the stadium and finding a good place to set up camp and park!  Introducing boat-gating. Yes, we promise it’s a thing, although I had to hear about it and see pictures to believe it.

Dan, a fellow football lover and long time friend of mine owns Basically his company specializes in vinyl wrapping boats, yachts, jet skis, and pretty much any water craft you can think of.  One of his clients invited him to “boatgate” with him one fine Sunday for a Chicago Bears game! They hoped on his boat in beautiful Lake Michigan and boat gated all the way to Burnham Harbor where they docked and attended the game at Soldier Field!  Dan said it was probably one of the most fun tailgating experiences he has had and way outside of the box compared to the usual tailgating style. He then went on to find that boat gating is actually something that is enjoyed by a lot more people than we realize.  In fact its probably one of the best kept secrets of football game transportation and pregaming due to the fact theres a lot less traffic and a lot better way to arrive at the game you are about to see. So what other harbors and bodies of water can one boat gate in to get to specific football games?

Boat-Gating Football Stadiums


  • Heinz Stadium- Boat to see the Pittsburgh Steelers via Pittsburgh’s North Shore.  While many of you may think the weather is too cold, grab a warm jacket and get on board.  Dock at one of the public docks on the Allegheny River and enjoy the game!
  • FirstEnergy Stadium- Cleveland Brown fans can pay a premium to dock at the North Coast Harbor Marina located right in downtown close to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  The marinas nickname is Rock & Dock which is pefect for the pre-game party you are likely to enjoy during this boatgaing session
  • Ever Bank Field- The Metroploitian Park Marina is located close to the Jacksonville Jaguars Stadium on the St John’s River in Florida. With warm temperatures and a nice boat cruise to the game who cares how good the Jaguars really are.  At this point you are going for the love of football and the adventure.
  • Oakland Alameda Coliseum- Who wants to deal ith san Fransisco traffic esoecially on game day??  Instead take your tailgating out on the water and convientky dock at the San Fransisco Marina Small Craft Harbor.  A short train water across the bay will leave you with no drive or parking time and a sweet way to get to the Raiders game!

These are jsut a few of the stadiums that you can make your way to via the water and a boat as  your transportation. TheSoldier-stadium-boat-gating funny thing is most of us would probably never think about boat gating and would just end up dealing with all the traffic and the traditional way to tailgate. Thanks to Dan he just expanded my horizons on what tailgating is all about and how outside of the box it can actually be!  Heck, you can even have your boat vinyl wrapped with your teams logo on it and really show up to a game in style, permitting there is a marina close by your teams stadium!

The Death Of a Young Defensive Lineman-University of Maryland

football-related-deathsOver the past few years there has been a focus on the effects of football on a players mind, body and most specifically brain.  With a handful of players comitting suicide or dying of causes seemingly related to football, Americas beloved sport is now in a controversial debate on whether it is really healthy for players to engage in such a rough contact sport.   One of the most prominent cases that is still playing out and has the University of Maryland under a lot of fire is the death of defensive lineman Jordan McNair, who collapsed from heat stroke last spring during partice. The lack of effort from then coach DJ Durkin has many speculating if yound and promising Jordan could have been saved if better efforts were pit forth to bring his body temperature down. Noy to mention the question of was the coach and coaching staff pushing the players too hard.

 I myself, am a true and crazed football fan.  I love everything football and can’t wait for the start of football season each year.  Many of you may have even read my last post on how to tun your garage or car port into a man cave for all things related football.  However, with more and more light being shed on the incident and unfortunate death in Maryland, I mysel,f have to wonder if coaches such as Durkin are helping to give football a bad name and if there are indeed more saftery precautions and measures that should and can be taken. Let’s focus for a minute on some of the info that we do know about the football tragedy in Maryland.

University Of Maryland Football Related Death Facts


  • Athletic Director Damon evans, New President Wallace Loh and Coach Dj Durkin are all underfire and at rsik of losing their jobs
  • Coach DJ Durkin has been on administrative leave since September
  • 2010 Wallace Loh made his first big decision as president during a 3 year salary & hiring freeze at the University. He made a 2 million dollar payout to old coach Ralph Friedgen whom he let go a year early and hired new coach Randy Edsall
  • 2011 to invest more money in football and lend more focus to the sport Wallace also cut 8 other varsity sports at the college.  He got ride of men/womens swimming & diving, mens cross country, indoor/outdoor track, womens water polo and mens tennis

football-injuriesLike I said earlier in this post, I understand as a football fan the importance people can place on the sport.  Now with a young player dead, and a University that has some major controversy surrounding their football program the real question I ask is, is it really worth it?  Football is a game that is meant to be enjoyed and of course get a little competitive over, but when it turns into a sinsiter sport and players dying when they don’t have to that is taking it a little too far.  With brain injuries and eeffcts of the rough sport of football on the brain shouldn’t we be focusing more on that issue then on corrupt University presidents and coaches who aren’t really caring for their players.  Men like Loh adn Durkin give football a bad name and their practices show anything but love for the sport. All I see are two men who are in it to win it with no cost to large.

Converting Your Carport Into a Man Cave

ultimate-man-caveOne thing I’m sure most of us football fans can appreciate is our own space to display our favorite team’s colors, collectibles, jersey’s and such.  Couple that with a place to watch the football games, “tailgate” and cheer or yell at our big flat screen as loudly as we want and you have a football fanatics dream spot, aside from being front and center at a live game.  A lot of us watch football from the comfort of our living rooms, although either regular household noise interrupts us or we interrupt the regular household! Those of us that have basements may have renovated the space into our “man” cave and decorated with all things football.  While others of us took the liberty of converting our garage or carport into the perfect football zone! That my friends is the highlight of our article!  How to convert your carport into the perfect spot to enjoy football, scream at your team, hang out with your football loving friends and enjoy the football season that always seems to end too quickly!

If you are starting out with a carport instead of an actual garage you know that you have a little more work to do than the average garage owner.  But that’s ok! With the right garage door company and a little elbow grease you will end up with the perfect football spot!  We have outlined exactly what it takes to convert your existing carport into the man cave of your dreams.

Converting Your Carport 

  •  Framing & Sub Floors- First things first you will have to start with framing the structure so as to add walls to enclose the space. Basically you are converting your carport into a makeshift garage/room addition to your home.  Once the framing is done you can then start on the sub flooring.  This may sound like a lot of work but in actuality you are also adding to the resale value of your home.  Although after this man cave you may never want to leave or sell your home!
  • Insulation- No matter the climate that you reside in you must choose insulation that benefits you and thegarage-man-cave weather in your area the most. This will add to the comfort of the cave as well as the overall structure.  It may add a bit to helping with the transfer of sound so you don’t scare your neighbors with all the yelling you and your fellow football friends may find yourself doing.
  • Lighting- Now it’s time to add electricity. Think lights, power for that BIG TV you know you want to install and who can forget about the surround sound! Not to mention the refrigerator that needs to be properly powered so that you may keep all the beer or refreshing other beverages cold!
  • Plumbing- You don’t have to necessarily add plumbing to your newly converted carport, however if you choose to install a small bathroom you want to make sure the plumbing is done right and that it is a quality job, so as to head of leaks and unpleasant smells or clogs.
  • Drywall- Once you have all of the foundation pieces in place it is now time for the drywall. Your getting close to really having that space you have coveted and are beginning to see your newly built man cave rather than just the shell of it.
  • Painting The Walls- Once the drywall is in place you are now ready to paint. Whether you choose to paint your space your team’s color or go for a more neutral feel the best part about it is the fact that you can choose any colors you would like!
  • Choosing The Right Garage Door- You will want to talk with your garage door company and their experts as to find the best garage door & opener for your nw space. They will help to guide you in the right direction with cost, accessibility and the style that will fit your needs best.

football-man-caveNow it’s time to add your teams memorabilia and other decorations and furniture to completely make this new space yours! What was once your carport is now your man cave ready to host football gatherings and a great space to hang out in! Who knew converting a carport into a spectacular man cave could be so easy and right in time for football season!

Adam Humphries 109 Yard Touchdown!

If you missed this pre-season game bewteen the Tampa Bay Buccaneers & Detroit Lions and even more importantly this amzing play by Adam Humphries, you have to watch this video to see it!  It’s definitely one of the greatest touchdowns I’ve seen, with Humphries traveling an outsanding 109 yards after a missed field goal! Amazing!

The Return Of Football Season


pre-season-footballIt’s here, or at least so close to being here all of us football fans can taste it! What am I talking about?? The 2018 NFL season, with the preseason kicking off this past August 2nd with the Hall of Fame game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Chicago Bears.  Football fans from all around started to celebrate the return of the the upcoming season hours before the game even kicked off. Many taking to social media to share their joy and excitement. Afterall, we haven’t seen an NFL football game since February 4, 2017 when Super Bowl LII was played, and it’s pretty safeNFL-football-season to say we all have been jonesing for footballs return since!  I’d say that football season brings with it the holidays, colder weather and some great Sundays and Monday nights watching America’s game with friends and family. There is just something about watching football either on TV or especially at an actual game with all of the other football fanatics surrounding you only enhancing your excitement! So what is it about football that has us all in such a trance waiting for it’s return and counting down the days??

Why America Loves Football

  • There is such a long off season for football it helps build excitement & anticipation
  • Regular Season games ALL become a big event
  • Tailgating has become a favorite American pastime and only adds to the excitement
  • In-Stadium football games have become quite the experience with all of the enhancements, food, entertainment surrounding you
  • Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in America & that halftime show never hurts the ratings either
  • Fantasy Football leagues have become quite the tradition & the get togethers they create are added fun
  • Kneeling during the anthem & controversial players add to the news cloud and peeks most people’s interest
  • It’s one of the greatest sports played( I may be biased)

NFL-footballIn general football has been America’s game for as long as I can remember.  Maybe it’s because it comes around the holidays and we grew up with football playing in the background while the smells of Thanksgiving wafting through the air.  Maybe it’s because so many people are interested in the sport defending their teams and the friendly betting and competition make it that much more appealing. Whatever it is there’s just something undeniably about the game of football.  Even with recent years showcasing the dangers and head trauma that can be experienced fans and especially those die hard fans can’t quite let go of their love for the game. So CHEERS to all you fellow football fanatics out there! The season is just about to begin and we have 6 months of football and the next Super Bowl to look forward too!


Hello, Fellow Football Fans!

NFL-football-fanaticHello and welcome to our blog on all things football related!  It seemed, with the pre-season starting, fitting to get our football blog up and sharing.  Many of you visiting our site are probably die hard football fans or at least football lovers at that.  We brought this blog to life to share facts, knowledge, stats, andall-things-football pretty much all things NFL football or just football related in general.  Sit back, relax and get ready for a great football season and blog!