Heinz-FieldPretty much anyone that loves football can appreciate some good tailgating with freinds and/or family.  Often times tailgating gives us the opportunity to get in the spirit and have some fun while relaxing before a big game! But what if I told you could take tailgating up a notch?  Yep, that’s right, tailgating possibly just got a whole lot better and perhaps without the bumper to bumper traffic trying to get into the stadium and finding a good place to set up camp and park!  Introducing boat-gating. Yes, we promise it’s a thing, although I had to hear about it and see pictures to believe it.

Dan, a fellow football lover and long time friend of mine owns boatwraps.com Basically his company specializes in vinyl wrapping boats, yachts, jet skis, and pretty much any water craft you can think of.  One of his clients invited him to “boatgate” with him one fine Sunday for a Chicago Bears game! They hoped on his boat in beautiful Lake Michigan and boat gated all the way to Burnham Harbor where they docked and attended the game at Soldier Field!  Dan said it was probably one of the most fun tailgating experiences he has had and way outside of the box compared to the usual tailgating style. He then went on to find that boat gating is actually something that is enjoyed by a lot more people than we realize.  In fact its probably one of the best kept secrets of football game transportation and pregaming due to the fact theres a lot less traffic and a lot better way to arrive at the game you are about to see. So what other harbors and bodies of water can one boat gate in to get to specific football games?

Boat-Gating Football Stadiums


  • Heinz Stadium- Boat to see the Pittsburgh Steelers via Pittsburgh’s North Shore.  While many of you may think the weather is too cold, grab a warm jacket and get on board.  Dock at one of the public docks on the Allegheny River and enjoy the game!
  • FirstEnergy Stadium- Cleveland Brown fans can pay a premium to dock at the North Coast Harbor Marina located right in downtown close to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  The marinas nickname is Rock & Dock which is pefect for the pre-game party you are likely to enjoy during this boatgaing session
  • Ever Bank Field- The Metroploitian Park Marina is located close to the Jacksonville Jaguars Stadium on the St John’s River in Florida. With warm temperatures and a nice boat cruise to the game who cares how good the Jaguars really are.  At this point you are going for the love of football and the adventure.
  • Oakland Alameda Coliseum- Who wants to deal ith san Fransisco traffic esoecially on game day??  Instead take your tailgating out on the water and convientky dock at the San Fransisco Marina Small Craft Harbor.  A short train water across the bay will leave you with no drive or parking time and a sweet way to get to the Raiders game!

These are jsut a few of the stadiums that you can make your way to via the water and a boat as  your transportation. TheSoldier-stadium-boat-gating funny thing is most of us would probably never think about boat gating and would just end up dealing with all the traffic and the traditional way to tailgate. Thanks to Dan he just expanded my horizons on what tailgating is all about and how outside of the box it can actually be!  Heck, you can even have your boat vinyl wrapped with your teams logo on it and really show up to a game in style, permitting there is a marina close by your teams stadium!