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Tailgate with Limo Service

Most football fans can appreciate a great tailgating party or experience before attending a professional footballtailgate-limo-service game. You may have read in one of our last posts about “boatgating” and how great that can be should the football stadium be near a marina or dock of some sort.  If you aren’t able to boatgate and especially if the stadium you are attending the game at is far away you may want to think about another means of transportation to get you to and from safely and without any possible accidents. After all, while not all indulge in alcoholic beverages during tailgating it is safe to say a lot of us do.  Add in the fact we might even grab a few more beers or spirits once inside the stadium enjoying the game and cheering for our team and truth be told it’s best to have a designated driver! The question is who out of all your friends wants to commit to that responsibility. Most will want to be having fun right there alongside you! Enter in the idea of hiring a limo service! In fact in Phoenix, Arizona home of the Arizona Cardinals the stadium is found in Glendale which is at least 20-25 minutes from downtown Phoenix. Add in the traffic and chaos that can be found when driving out to a game and it’s a disaster waiting to happen!

While we were there for the last Cardinals game we hired a limo service through PHX Limo and not only were we able to accommodate our party of 10, we also had a full bar, a safe ride and a driver that was with us until the last person was dropped off.  We didn’t have to worry about another means of transportation or a huge expense because all 10 of us split the cost of renting the limo for a few hours! Probably one of the greatest ways I have tailgated yet! In fact check out the list of perks I can definitely associate with hiring a limo service to take you to a professional football game!

Tailgating with Limo Service

  • Share the Cost- Say you rent a limo for $400 dollars for a 5 hour stretch, if you have 10 people and divide the cost by 10 you are left with paying $40 a person, for a safe reliable ride and now worries about driving or traffic!
  • Sit Back & Relax- Once again instead of navigating through all of the the pre and after game traffic you can sit back in the plush confines of the stretch limo you are in and enjoy the fully stocked bar, snackslimo-football-game and conversation with friends.  Add in some music and you are riding in style to see your team play. Does it really get any better?
  • No Parking Hassle- Not only do you get to enjoy yourself the entire to and from the game you also don’t have to worry about the hassle and headache of parking.  We all know on a big game day how tedious and time consuming trying to park can be. What about having to walk the distance to the stadium in the throngs of crowds, definitely no fun to be found there!
  • Upfront Service- You basically get dropped off in the designated limo parking area which is usually upfront and thus gets you even closer to getting in the stadium faster than if you drive yourself. Not to mention when the game is over and you are tired and all tailgated out you can simply walk to the designated meeting place of your limo and hop in the backseat.  Tired take a little cat nap on the way home!

limo-tailgate-serviceThere are  numerous reasons why hiring a limo service to tailgate or simply take you to and from to a professional football game is a great idea.  Not only are you safe and responsible when it comes to driving but you also show up in class and style and have the ability to hang with all of your friends and fellow football fans on the way there. Our suggestion is to check into limo services in your area next time you are heading out to a football game and see what pricing and hours may be.  You don’t just have to be in Phoenix to enjoy the perks of a limo service to the stadium. Trust us it may just be one of your greatest tailgating and football game experiences yet!


Best NFL Players of All Time

greatest-NFL-playersIf you read our last post, you read about the upcoming and shining star Patrick Mahomes the Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback.  While he is definitely taking the football world by storm these days, as well as breaking and creating records, what about the football legends and greats before him.  Check out our list of some of the greatest football players of all time.

Football’s Greatest Players


  • Tom Brady-New England Patriots: He was a late 6th round draft pick but has continued to stun football fans with his major talent.  He is the only quarterback in history to win 5 Super Bowl’s and also has the most playoff wins out of any quarterback in NFL history.  Add to that 6 AFC championships, 2 MVP awards and he is considered the greatest quarterback of all time.
  • Jerry Rice- San Francisco 49ers: He played mostly for the 49er’s throughout his 20 season career as ajerry-rice wide receiver. He pretty much dominated EVERY single receiving record and could be put up against any cornerback in a game and walk away with at least 2 touchdowns per game.  He is a legend in his own right and although retired is still known as one of football’s greatest players.
  • Barry Sanders-Detroit Lions: Although there is definitely a lot this football great can be credited for it can simply be put that he was almost bot human with his skill set and abilities.  A running back his entire career for the Detroit Lions he was the fastest running back of all time and could pull off some incredible moves to lead to victories in the game.  He was virtually unstoppable and untouchable. You didn’t even have to be a fan of the Lions to appreciate his speed, skill and agility.joe-montana
  • Joe Montana-San Francisco 49ers: He started his career in 1979 with the 49er’s where he would play 14 seasons as their quarterback.  He was dubbed the nickname “The Comeback Kid” because of his ability to bring his team back in the 4th quarter.  He was great under pressure and has won multiple Super Bowl rings and MVP awards to showcase his skill and effort.
  • Peyton Manning-Indianapolis Colts & Denver Broncos: Peyton Manning has been playing NFL football as quarterback for 18 seasons.  While some may challenge the fact that he is one of the best football players of all time, it stands true that the man has real talent.  Not only has he mastered the mental side of the game where he has the ability to assess situations and formulate a plan on the fly he also has some of the best and most accurate passes that you have ever seen.  He is a mentor to young players although he expects them to put in 150%. If he sees the effort their he will give his extra time and energy to work with players to create an even better team!

There are many football greats that can be appreciated and brought to attention.  Some football fans have their favorite while other disagree and have their own. No matter the opinion one thing is for certain, American football and the NFL have indeed seen some football legends and greats throughout its history.  There are no two players alike with each bringing a different aspect and skill set to the table. One of the greatest things about being a football fan is that we are able to look back into history and see the records of those that have made it as some of the best players of all time.  It’s what helps to make the game interesting, competitive and fun. Cheers to the football legends and to the NFL in general!

Football’s Soon to Be New Legend- Patrick Mahomes

Patrick-Mahomes-Kansas-city-chiefsLet’s talk about Patrick Lavone Mahomes the star Quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. This kid is getting quite the recognition for his amazing skill out of the field.  Already exceeding records and making a name for himself at the young age of 23 he has a multitude of talent and was definitely one of the best draft picks I’ve seen in a long time! Check out our facts and statistics regarding this great football player and if you didn’t already appreciate his skill set you will for sure after reading this post!

Facts/Statistics of Patrick Mahomes

  • Born on september 17, 1995, his dad is Major league baseball pitcher Patrick Mahomes. Which makes him Patrick Mahomes II
  • Grew up playing football, baseball and basketball but had a love and skill for football
  • Attended college and played football for Texas Tech before being drafted by the Chiefs in 2017 as the 10th overall pick
  • His passes are clocked at a whopping 60mph!
  • Teams such as the Arizona Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati bengals, LA Chargers, Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears and the Pittsburgh Steelers all were looking to draft him
  • As of July 20, 2017 the Chiefs signed him with a guaranteed 4 year contract paying 16.42 million dollars with a signing bonus of 10.08 million
  • In his first starting game against the Denver Broncos he played most of the game and helped lead the Chiefs to a 27-24 win, accomplishing 22 out of 35 passes and 284 yards with an interception
  • As of January 20, 2018 the Chiefs traded their starting Quarterback Alex Smith and made Mahomes their starting quarterback. In his first game as starting quarterback he lead the Chief to a 38-28 win against the LA Chargers
  • He is the first ever to throw 3,000 yards in his first 10 games
  • Most ever touchdown passes made in his first 3 career games
  • Youngest quarterback to throw 6 touchdowns in 1 game at just 22 years old

kansas-city-chiefs-quarterbackThis kid is just beginning his football career and already taking the field by storm.  With a little more professional game play under his belt he is surely to become even more on fire!  Way to go Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs were lucky to sign you and we are sure the ALL of the teams looking at you as a top prospect are upset they didn’t offer and close a deal with you before Kansas scooped you up!