greatest-NFL-playersIf you read our last post, you read about the upcoming and shining star Patrick Mahomes the Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback.  While he is definitely taking the football world by storm these days, as well as breaking and creating records, what about the football legends and greats before him.  Check out our list of some of the greatest football players of all time.

Football’s Greatest Players


  • Tom Brady-New England Patriots: He was a late 6th round draft pick but has continued to stun football fans with his major talent.  He is the only quarterback in history to win 5 Super Bowl’s and also has the most playoff wins out of any quarterback in NFL history.  Add to that 6 AFC championships, 2 MVP awards and he is considered the greatest quarterback of all time.
  • Jerry Rice- San Francisco 49ers: He played mostly for the 49er’s throughout his 20 season career as ajerry-rice wide receiver. He pretty much dominated EVERY single receiving record and could be put up against any cornerback in a game and walk away with at least 2 touchdowns per game.  He is a legend in his own right and although retired is still known as one of football’s greatest players.
  • Barry Sanders-Detroit Lions: Although there is definitely a lot this football great can be credited for it can simply be put that he was almost bot human with his skill set and abilities.  A running back his entire career for the Detroit Lions he was the fastest running back of all time and could pull off some incredible moves to lead to victories in the game.  He was virtually unstoppable and untouchable. You didn’t even have to be a fan of the Lions to appreciate his speed, skill and agility.joe-montana
  • Joe Montana-San Francisco 49ers: He started his career in 1979 with the 49er’s where he would play 14 seasons as their quarterback.  He was dubbed the nickname “The Comeback Kid” because of his ability to bring his team back in the 4th quarter.  He was great under pressure and has won multiple Super Bowl rings and MVP awards to showcase his skill and effort.
  • Peyton Manning-Indianapolis Colts & Denver Broncos: Peyton Manning has been playing NFL football as quarterback for 18 seasons.  While some may challenge the fact that he is one of the best football players of all time, it stands true that the man has real talent.  Not only has he mastered the mental side of the game where he has the ability to assess situations and formulate a plan on the fly he also has some of the best and most accurate passes that you have ever seen.  He is a mentor to young players although he expects them to put in 150%. If he sees the effort their he will give his extra time and energy to work with players to create an even better team!

There are many football greats that can be appreciated and brought to attention.  Some football fans have their favorite while other disagree and have their own. No matter the opinion one thing is for certain, American football and the NFL have indeed seen some football legends and greats throughout its history.  There are no two players alike with each bringing a different aspect and skill set to the table. One of the greatest things about being a football fan is that we are able to look back into history and see the records of those that have made it as some of the best players of all time.  It’s what helps to make the game interesting, competitive and fun. Cheers to the football legends and to the NFL in general!