super-bowl-partySuper Bowl is like a national holiday for football fanatics. It’s perhaps one of the best days out of the year and the coveted game we are waiting to watch all season long! The only thing that possibly could be better than physically being at the Super Bowl game watching it live is having or attending an epic SuperBowl party. Many people throughout the U.S. pull out all the stops when it comes to planning their Super Bowl get together. Not only do they want to have an epic time themselves, they also want their guests to enjoy the festivities and really get into the spirit of watching the game! Being that the Super Bowl is played at the beginning of February each year having a get together in the winter months in some places can prove to be a little daunting. Most times guests are contained inside unless they want to brave the colder temperatures outside. Right??? Well yes that is right but it can also be wrong??? Let’s talk about that Super Bowl cookout party where you enjoy the warm confines of a hot tub, delicious BBQ and a lot more open air to scream your heart out for the team you want to win! So how do you go about planning your epic not to be outdone Super Bowl party??

Planning Your Hot Tub Super Bowl Extravaganza

  • The Tub- First things first… you need to purchase that incredible hot tub, hopefully complete with jet packs and a lot of room to accommodate your guests. Should you own a hot tub already make sure to have it serviced and cleaned so that it is ready to go for the big day. Remember buying a hot tub is a hot-tub-partysound investment because not only can you use it for your super bowl party you can also watch any football game while enjoying the jets or to stay warm and massage those tired muscles on any other winter, spring, fall or summer night!
  • The Food- If your going for a cookout in the colder temps think of all of your favorites that you like to BBQ. Throw in some sides such as baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, chips, dips, relish tray the list can go on and on. Make it pot luck style and let others add to the fare of the evening to mix things up and showcase different chefs!
  • The Drinks- Have a handy supply of both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks available.  Then you are able to cater to all your guests. Cold Beer, hot toddy’s if you are in that colder climate, maybe a little jungle juice, hot apple cider, lemonade and/or sodas. Probably should provide some water too!
  • The Attire- Alright so you want your guest to show up in jersey’s and other football attire but don’t forget to specify that it is a hot tub themed party. Those that want to take a dip should make sure to bring swim attire and dry towels. Should you forget this important info for your guests you may end up with some skinny dippers….or at least we hope not!
  • The Clean Up- Now that you have had that epic Super Bowl party to be talked about all week by the attendees you have to clean up. Not only do you have to throw the trash and spruce up your house don’t forget to clean that hot tub either, whether it is old or new! With that many people in and out of your tub all night you want to make sure that it gets a proper cleaning and chemical balance. Afterall, you want it to be in proper working order for that next party you throw whether it’s for the Super Bowl or just because.  Because let me tell you when people realize they can watch football and enjoy your hot tub you house may just be the new place for Monday night Football. If you have a Man Cave good luck on ever getting your friends to leave!


It’s always a plus to think outside of the box when planning a Super Bowl or any Football get together. Make your shindig one that all your guests talk about and love being part of.  Not only does it help boost the morale when it’s time to cheer on your team it also makes for a really fun time and a fun way to begin, enjoy or end the football season.