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Why Everyone Hates the Patriots

New-England-PatriotsEven though the New England Patriots have just won their 6th super bowl ring, the Patriots are still the most hated football team out of all 32 teams in the NFL. Why is there such shade thrown at this team? It’s not just because they win, there are a list of other reasons as well!


Bad Calls & Cheating

The New England Patriots have recently been infamous for getting close calls their way. Starting way back in the 2001 AFC Playoffs with the infamous Tuck Rule Game where Tom Brady was hit by Raiders CB Charles Woodson and proceeded to fumble the ball. The ball was recovered by Oakland and the game would’ve certainly been sealed. But, under further review the referees determined that Brady tried to tuck the ball back into his arms and was ruled an incomplete pass. This allowed the Patriots to drive down the field and kick a field goal to tie the game and send it into overtime. The Patriots then would kick another field goal to win the game. While this rule wasn’t the Patriots fault there are other instances where they have been caught outright cheating. During the 2007 season, the Patriots were caught filming their opponents sideline to capture the coaches play call signals. Patriots coach, Bill Belichick, was fined $500,000. The team was fined $250,000 and the NFL revoked their 1st round draft pick. This event would go on to be named “spygate”. But that’s not all, during the 2014 AFC Championship game Tom Brady was said to have their footballs deflated so that they were easier to throw and catch. The Patriots ended up dominating the game and winning 45-7. While the game wouldn’t have been a whole lot closer without deflated footballs, once the NFL found out, Tom Brady was suspended four games and the team was fined $1 million and stripped of 2 draft picks. This would go down under the name of, “deflategate”

Their Fans

The New England Patriots are based in the Boston, Massachusetts area and people from around there are not known for being the kindest people. Rather, they are known for being loud, obnoxious, and rude. And Patriots fans love nothing more than to brag and boast about how great their team is.That gets annoying after awhile especially with all the cheating scandals hovering over the Patriots!

They Win Too Much

Patriots-cheating-ScandalNo doubt respect is due to the 2 decade long dynasty that has won 6 Super Bowls and appeared in 9 since 2001. However, dynasties before the Patriots haven’t lasted this long. Even Joe Montana’s 49ers only won 4 Super Bowls in a period from 1981-1990. And seeing the Patriots have little to no competition is making the AFC very boring. The AFC East is especially boring as the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, and Buffalo Bills have almost unanimously been terrible since the Patriots rise to dominance. What makes the game interesting is seeing teams rise up every year and fight for a chance at the playoffs and then the Super Bowl. But, the Patriots are taking the fun out of the game. While dynasties certainly should be allowed to exist, it certainly makes the game boring for any fan not of the New England Patriots.

Super Bowl & Your Hot Tub

super-bowl-partySuper Bowl is like a national holiday for football fanatics. It’s perhaps one of the best days out of the year and the coveted game we are waiting to watch all season long! The only thing that possibly could be better than physically being at the Super Bowl game watching it live is having or attending an epic SuperBowl party. Many people throughout the U.S. pull out all the stops when it comes to planning their Super Bowl get together. Not only do they want to have an epic time themselves, they also want their guests to enjoy the festivities and really get into the spirit of watching the game! Being that the Super Bowl is played at the beginning of February each year having a get together in the winter months in some places can prove to be a little daunting. Most times guests are contained inside unless they want to brave the colder temperatures outside. Right??? Well yes that is right but it can also be wrong??? Let’s talk about that Super Bowl cookout party where you enjoy the warm confines of a hot tub, delicious BBQ and a lot more open air to scream your heart out for the team you want to win! So how do you go about planning your epic not to be outdone Super Bowl party??

Planning Your Hot Tub Super Bowl Extravaganza

  • The Tub- First things first… you need to purchase that incredible hot tub, hopefully complete with jet packs and a lot of room to accommodate your guests. Should you own a hot tub already make sure to have it serviced and cleaned so that it is ready to go for the big day. Remember buying a hot tub is a hot-tub-partysound investment because not only can you use it for your super bowl party you can also watch any football game while enjoying the jets or to stay warm and massage those tired muscles on any other winter, spring, fall or summer night!
  • The Food- If your going for a cookout in the colder temps think of all of your favorites that you like to BBQ. Throw in some sides such as baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, chips, dips, relish tray the list can go on and on. Make it pot luck style and let others add to the fare of the evening to mix things up and showcase different chefs!
  • The Drinks- Have a handy supply of both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks available.  Then you are able to cater to all your guests. Cold Beer, hot toddy’s if you are in that colder climate, maybe a little jungle juice, hot apple cider, lemonade and/or sodas. Probably should provide some water too!
  • The Attire- Alright so you want your guest to show up in jersey’s and other football attire but don’t forget to specify that it is a hot tub themed party. Those that want to take a dip should make sure to bring swim attire and dry towels. Should you forget this important info for your guests you may end up with some skinny dippers….or at least we hope not!
  • The Clean Up- Now that you have had that epic Super Bowl party to be talked about all week by the attendees you have to clean up. Not only do you have to throw the trash and spruce up your house don’t forget to clean that hot tub either, whether it is old or new! With that many people in and out of your tub all night you want to make sure that it gets a proper cleaning and chemical balance. Afterall, you want it to be in proper working order for that next party you throw whether it’s for the Super Bowl or just because.  Because let me tell you when people realize they can watch football and enjoy your hot tub you house may just be the new place for Monday night Football. If you have a Man Cave good luck on ever getting your friends to leave!


It’s always a plus to think outside of the box when planning a Super Bowl or any Football get together. Make your shindig one that all your guests talk about and love being part of.  Not only does it help boost the morale when it’s time to cheer on your team it also makes for a really fun time and a fun way to begin, enjoy or end the football season.

Worst NFL Ref Calls Ever Made!


NFL referees have a tough job, and of course they aren’t perfect. Fans cannot expect them to be perfect by any means. However, with the introduction of replays fully in 1999 the job of the referees have gotten easier being able to correct any bad instant judgements by being able to look at the play from many angles to make the right call. But still, referees infuriate fans with the worst calls. Here are just some of the terrible calls NFL referees have made over recent years.

Worst Ref Calls In History


  1. 1998 Thanksgiving Game *The Coin Toss”

During the 1999 Thanksgiving game between the Detroit Lions & the Pittsburgh Steelers, everyone thought the Steelers were going to trounce over the Lions. However, the Lions kept it close and the game ended up going to overtime. During the coin toss Phil Luckett asked, “heads or tails” to Steelers running back Jerome Bettis. Bettis clearly replied, “Tails.” But apparently Phil Luckett heard “heads” as the coin landed on tails. This allowed the Lions to win the toss, drive down the field, and hit a game winning 42 yard field goal. This call destroyed the Steelers momentum for the season as they would lose the last 4 games of their season.


  1. 1999 Wild Card Playoff Game “Music City Miracle”

This game took place between the 11-5 Buffalo Bills and the 13-3 Tennessee Titans. The game was close the whole way and the Bills hit a field goal that gave them a 16-15 lead with 16 seconds left. On the ensuing kickoff, the ball was kicked short and received by #89 Frank Wycheck who went to his right for a couple yards before turning around and throwing it to #87 Kevin Dyson who caught the ball and ran all the way for the game winning touchdown. The only problem is that the pass was a forward pass and that was illegal. The referees reviewed it but declared that it was a lateral pass and therefore legal. While certainly one of the hardest calls in history many believe that it was in fact a forward pass.


  1. 2012 Week 3 Monday Night Football “Fail Mary”

This game was during the infamous referee lockout where the professional referees were on strike over money issues. Therefore, not wanting to stall the NFL season, the NFL brought in replacement refs from D3 college football, Area Football League, and even high school football! The game came down to a final play where the home team Seattleworst-nfl-ref-calls Seahawks were on the 24 yard line on 4th and 10 against the Green Bay Packers with 8 seconds left. The Seahawks QB Russel Wilson threw a hail mary. the ball was fought in a crowd and ended being fought between CB M.D. Jennings and WR Golden Tate. The referees first failed to notice an offensive pass interference against Golden Tate when he pushed Sam Shields, which would cause a redo of the play. But then one of the refs called a touchdown and the other called it an interception. When the play went to review they didn’t call the offensive pass interference and they ruled it a touchdown although it was most likely an interception. This fiasco caused the referee lockout to promptly end 2 days later.


  1. 2014 Divisional Playoffs “Dez Bryant’s ‘Catch’”

This game placed the NFC east winning Dallas Cowboys against the NFC north winning Green Bay Packers. This game was expected to be close and it was. Late in the 4th quarter on 4th and 2, Cowboys QB Tony Romo tossed a pass to WR Dez Bryant, it was bumbled around  and caught around the goalline. Originally ruled a pass, the Packers challenged the play and the play was overturned even though the ball never touched the ground until he was down. This led to a heartbreaking loss for the Cowboys who got rid of Tony Romo just 2 seasons later and Des Bryant 4 seasons later. Later, the NFL even admitted they got the play wrong and it should have been ruled as a catch.


  1. 2001 AFC Divisional Playoffs *The Tuck Rule”

This game is infamous for starting the New England Patriots dynasty and ending the Oakland Raiders dynasty. In the snow covered field with 1:50 left in the 4th quarter, QB Tom Brady took the hike and CB Charles Woodson blitzed and slapped the ball out of Tom Brady’s hand. The ball was recovered by the Raiders and the game was over, right? The play was reviewed and determined as a forward pass because he didn’t tuck the ball back into his body before losing possession. The Patriots went on to kick a game tying field goal and then in overtime win the game with another field goal. The Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl that year starting a nationwide dislike for the Patriots.

NFL-football-refThese are just some of the horrifying mistake calls refs have made over the years which makes true blue football fans MAD! Many times these mistaken calls can change the whole dynamic and outcome of the game. In turn this leads to a team winning that had the refs called right may never have won! As in this last game between the Saints & the Rams determining who would play in the Super Bowl!

Tailgate with Limo Service

Most football fans can appreciate a great tailgating party or experience before attending a professional footballtailgate-limo-service game. You may have read in one of our last posts about “boatgating” and how great that can be should the football stadium be near a marina or dock of some sort.  If you aren’t able to boatgate and especially if the stadium you are attending the game at is far away you may want to think about another means of transportation to get you to and from safely and without any possible accidents. After all, while not all indulge in alcoholic beverages during tailgating it is safe to say a lot of us do.  Add in the fact we might even grab a few more beers or spirits once inside the stadium enjoying the game and cheering for our team and truth be told it’s best to have a designated driver! The question is who out of all your friends wants to commit to that responsibility. Most will want to be having fun right there alongside you! Enter in the idea of hiring a limo service! In fact in Phoenix, Arizona home of the Arizona Cardinals the stadium is found in Glendale which is at least 20-25 minutes from downtown Phoenix. Add in the traffic and chaos that can be found when driving out to a game and it’s a disaster waiting to happen!

While we were there for the last Cardinals game we hired a limo service through PHX Limo and not only were we able to accommodate our party of 10, we also had a full bar, a safe ride and a driver that was with us until the last person was dropped off.  We didn’t have to worry about another means of transportation or a huge expense because all 10 of us split the cost of renting the limo for a few hours! Probably one of the greatest ways I have tailgated yet! In fact check out the list of perks I can definitely associate with hiring a limo service to take you to a professional football game!

Tailgating with Limo Service

  • Share the Cost- Say you rent a limo for $400 dollars for a 5 hour stretch, if you have 10 people and divide the cost by 10 you are left with paying $40 a person, for a safe reliable ride and now worries about driving or traffic!
  • Sit Back & Relax- Once again instead of navigating through all of the the pre and after game traffic you can sit back in the plush confines of the stretch limo you are in and enjoy the fully stocked bar, snackslimo-football-game and conversation with friends.  Add in some music and you are riding in style to see your team play. Does it really get any better?
  • No Parking Hassle- Not only do you get to enjoy yourself the entire to and from the game you also don’t have to worry about the hassle and headache of parking.  We all know on a big game day how tedious and time consuming trying to park can be. What about having to walk the distance to the stadium in the throngs of crowds, definitely no fun to be found there!
  • Upfront Service- You basically get dropped off in the designated limo parking area which is usually upfront and thus gets you even closer to getting in the stadium faster than if you drive yourself. Not to mention when the game is over and you are tired and all tailgated out you can simply walk to the designated meeting place of your limo and hop in the backseat.  Tired take a little cat nap on the way home!

limo-tailgate-serviceThere are  numerous reasons why hiring a limo service to tailgate or simply take you to and from to a professional football game is a great idea.  Not only are you safe and responsible when it comes to driving but you also show up in class and style and have the ability to hang with all of your friends and fellow football fans on the way there. Our suggestion is to check into limo services in your area next time you are heading out to a football game and see what pricing and hours may be.  You don’t just have to be in Phoenix to enjoy the perks of a limo service to the stadium. Trust us it may just be one of your greatest tailgating and football game experiences yet!


Best NFL Players of All Time

greatest-NFL-playersIf you read our last post, you read about the upcoming and shining star Patrick Mahomes the Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback.  While he is definitely taking the football world by storm these days, as well as breaking and creating records, what about the football legends and greats before him.  Check out our list of some of the greatest football players of all time.

Football’s Greatest Players


  • Tom Brady-New England Patriots: He was a late 6th round draft pick but has continued to stun football fans with his major talent.  He is the only quarterback in history to win 5 Super Bowl’s and also has the most playoff wins out of any quarterback in NFL history.  Add to that 6 AFC championships, 2 MVP awards and he is considered the greatest quarterback of all time.
  • Jerry Rice- San Francisco 49ers: He played mostly for the 49er’s throughout his 20 season career as ajerry-rice wide receiver. He pretty much dominated EVERY single receiving record and could be put up against any cornerback in a game and walk away with at least 2 touchdowns per game.  He is a legend in his own right and although retired is still known as one of football’s greatest players.
  • Barry Sanders-Detroit Lions: Although there is definitely a lot this football great can be credited for it can simply be put that he was almost bot human with his skill set and abilities.  A running back his entire career for the Detroit Lions he was the fastest running back of all time and could pull off some incredible moves to lead to victories in the game.  He was virtually unstoppable and untouchable. You didn’t even have to be a fan of the Lions to appreciate his speed, skill and agility.joe-montana
  • Joe Montana-San Francisco 49ers: He started his career in 1979 with the 49er’s where he would play 14 seasons as their quarterback.  He was dubbed the nickname “The Comeback Kid” because of his ability to bring his team back in the 4th quarter.  He was great under pressure and has won multiple Super Bowl rings and MVP awards to showcase his skill and effort.
  • Peyton Manning-Indianapolis Colts & Denver Broncos: Peyton Manning has been playing NFL football as quarterback for 18 seasons.  While some may challenge the fact that he is one of the best football players of all time, it stands true that the man has real talent.  Not only has he mastered the mental side of the game where he has the ability to assess situations and formulate a plan on the fly he also has some of the best and most accurate passes that you have ever seen.  He is a mentor to young players although he expects them to put in 150%. If he sees the effort their he will give his extra time and energy to work with players to create an even better team!

There are many football greats that can be appreciated and brought to attention.  Some football fans have their favorite while other disagree and have their own. No matter the opinion one thing is for certain, American football and the NFL have indeed seen some football legends and greats throughout its history.  There are no two players alike with each bringing a different aspect and skill set to the table. One of the greatest things about being a football fan is that we are able to look back into history and see the records of those that have made it as some of the best players of all time.  It’s what helps to make the game interesting, competitive and fun. Cheers to the football legends and to the NFL in general!

Football’s Soon to Be New Legend- Patrick Mahomes

Patrick-Mahomes-Kansas-city-chiefsLet’s talk about Patrick Lavone Mahomes the star Quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. This kid is getting quite the recognition for his amazing skill out of the field.  Already exceeding records and making a name for himself at the young age of 23 he has a multitude of talent and was definitely one of the best draft picks I’ve seen in a long time! Check out our facts and statistics regarding this great football player and if you didn’t already appreciate his skill set you will for sure after reading this post!

Facts/Statistics of Patrick Mahomes

  • Born on september 17, 1995, his dad is Major league baseball pitcher Patrick Mahomes. Which makes him Patrick Mahomes II
  • Grew up playing football, baseball and basketball but had a love and skill for football
  • Attended college and played football for Texas Tech before being drafted by the Chiefs in 2017 as the 10th overall pick
  • His passes are clocked at a whopping 60mph!
  • Teams such as the Arizona Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati bengals, LA Chargers, Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears and the Pittsburgh Steelers all were looking to draft him
  • As of July 20, 2017 the Chiefs signed him with a guaranteed 4 year contract paying 16.42 million dollars with a signing bonus of 10.08 million
  • In his first starting game against the Denver Broncos he played most of the game and helped lead the Chiefs to a 27-24 win, accomplishing 22 out of 35 passes and 284 yards with an interception
  • As of January 20, 2018 the Chiefs traded their starting Quarterback Alex Smith and made Mahomes their starting quarterback. In his first game as starting quarterback he lead the Chief to a 38-28 win against the LA Chargers
  • He is the first ever to throw 3,000 yards in his first 10 games
  • Most ever touchdown passes made in his first 3 career games
  • Youngest quarterback to throw 6 touchdowns in 1 game at just 22 years old

kansas-city-chiefs-quarterbackThis kid is just beginning his football career and already taking the field by storm.  With a little more professional game play under his belt he is surely to become even more on fire!  Way to go Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs were lucky to sign you and we are sure the ALL of the teams looking at you as a top prospect are upset they didn’t offer and close a deal with you before Kansas scooped you up!


Forget Tailgating This Year…..Try Boat-Gating Instead!!

Heinz-FieldPretty much anyone that loves football can appreciate some good tailgating with freinds and/or family.  Often times tailgating gives us the opportunity to get in the spirit and have some fun while relaxing before a big game! But what if I told you could take tailgating up a notch?  Yep, that’s right, tailgating possibly just got a whole lot better and perhaps without the bumper to bumper traffic trying to get into the stadium and finding a good place to set up camp and park!  Introducing boat-gating. Yes, we promise it’s a thing, although I had to hear about it and see pictures to believe it.

Dan, a fellow football lover and long time friend of mine owns Basically his company specializes in vinyl wrapping boats, yachts, jet skis, and pretty much any water craft you can think of.  One of his clients invited him to “boatgate” with him one fine Sunday for a Chicago Bears game! They hoped on his boat in beautiful Lake Michigan and boat gated all the way to Burnham Harbor where they docked and attended the game at Soldier Field!  Dan said it was probably one of the most fun tailgating experiences he has had and way outside of the box compared to the usual tailgating style. He then went on to find that boat gating is actually something that is enjoyed by a lot more people than we realize.  In fact its probably one of the best kept secrets of football game transportation and pregaming due to the fact theres a lot less traffic and a lot better way to arrive at the game you are about to see. So what other harbors and bodies of water can one boat gate in to get to specific football games?

Boat-Gating Football Stadiums


  • Heinz Stadium- Boat to see the Pittsburgh Steelers via Pittsburgh’s North Shore.  While many of you may think the weather is too cold, grab a warm jacket and get on board.  Dock at one of the public docks on the Allegheny River and enjoy the game!
  • FirstEnergy Stadium- Cleveland Brown fans can pay a premium to dock at the North Coast Harbor Marina located right in downtown close to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  The marinas nickname is Rock & Dock which is pefect for the pre-game party you are likely to enjoy during this boatgaing session
  • Ever Bank Field- The Metroploitian Park Marina is located close to the Jacksonville Jaguars Stadium on the St John’s River in Florida. With warm temperatures and a nice boat cruise to the game who cares how good the Jaguars really are.  At this point you are going for the love of football and the adventure.
  • Oakland Alameda Coliseum- Who wants to deal ith san Fransisco traffic esoecially on game day??  Instead take your tailgating out on the water and convientky dock at the San Fransisco Marina Small Craft Harbor.  A short train water across the bay will leave you with no drive or parking time and a sweet way to get to the Raiders game!

These are jsut a few of the stadiums that you can make your way to via the water and a boat as  your transportation. TheSoldier-stadium-boat-gating funny thing is most of us would probably never think about boat gating and would just end up dealing with all the traffic and the traditional way to tailgate. Thanks to Dan he just expanded my horizons on what tailgating is all about and how outside of the box it can actually be!  Heck, you can even have your boat vinyl wrapped with your teams logo on it and really show up to a game in style, permitting there is a marina close by your teams stadium!

The Death Of a Young Defensive Lineman-University of Maryland

football-related-deathsOver the past few years there has been a focus on the effects of football on a players mind, body and most specifically brain.  With a handful of players comitting suicide or dying of causes seemingly related to football, Americas beloved sport is now in a controversial debate on whether it is really healthy for players to engage in such a rough contact sport.   One of the most prominent cases that is still playing out and has the University of Maryland under a lot of fire is the death of defensive lineman Jordan McNair, who collapsed from heat stroke last spring during partice. The lack of effort from then coach DJ Durkin has many speculating if yound and promising Jordan could have been saved if better efforts were pit forth to bring his body temperature down. Noy to mention the question of was the coach and coaching staff pushing the players too hard.

 I myself, am a true and crazed football fan.  I love everything football and can’t wait for the start of football season each year.  Many of you may have even read my last post on how to tun your garage or car port into a man cave for all things related football.  However, with more and more light being shed on the incident and unfortunate death in Maryland, I mysel,f have to wonder if coaches such as Durkin are helping to give football a bad name and if there are indeed more saftery precautions and measures that should and can be taken. Let’s focus for a minute on some of the info that we do know about the football tragedy in Maryland.

University Of Maryland Football Related Death Facts


  • Athletic Director Damon evans, New President Wallace Loh and Coach Dj Durkin are all underfire and at rsik of losing their jobs
  • Coach DJ Durkin has been on administrative leave since September
  • 2010 Wallace Loh made his first big decision as president during a 3 year salary & hiring freeze at the University. He made a 2 million dollar payout to old coach Ralph Friedgen whom he let go a year early and hired new coach Randy Edsall
  • 2011 to invest more money in football and lend more focus to the sport Wallace also cut 8 other varsity sports at the college.  He got ride of men/womens swimming & diving, mens cross country, indoor/outdoor track, womens water polo and mens tennis

football-injuriesLike I said earlier in this post, I understand as a football fan the importance people can place on the sport.  Now with a young player dead, and a University that has some major controversy surrounding their football program the real question I ask is, is it really worth it?  Football is a game that is meant to be enjoyed and of course get a little competitive over, but when it turns into a sinsiter sport and players dying when they don’t have to that is taking it a little too far.  With brain injuries and eeffcts of the rough sport of football on the brain shouldn’t we be focusing more on that issue then on corrupt University presidents and coaches who aren’t really caring for their players.  Men like Loh adn Durkin give football a bad name and their practices show anything but love for the sport. All I see are two men who are in it to win it with no cost to large.