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Converting Your Carport Into a Man Cave

ultimate-man-caveOne thing I’m sure most of us football fans can appreciate is our own space to display our favorite team’s colors, collectibles, jersey’s and such.  Couple that with a place to watch the football games, “tailgate” and cheer or yell at our big flat screen as loudly as we want and you have a football fanatics dream spot, aside from being front and center at a live game.  A lot of us watch football from the comfort of our living rooms, although either regular household noise interrupts us or we interrupt the regular household! Those of us that have basements may have renovated the space into our “man” cave and decorated with all things football.  While others of us took the liberty of converting our garage or carport into the perfect football zone! That my friends is the highlight of our article!  How to convert your carport into the perfect spot to enjoy football, scream at your team, hang out with your football loving friends and enjoy the football season that always seems to end too quickly!

If you are starting out with a carport instead of an actual garage you know that you have a little more work to do than the average garage owner.  But that’s ok! With the right garage door company and a little elbow grease you will end up with the perfect football spot!  We have outlined exactly what it takes to convert your existing carport into the man cave of your dreams.

Converting Your Carport 

  •  Framing & Sub Floors- First things first you will have to start with framing the structure so as to add walls to enclose the space. Basically you are converting your carport into a makeshift garage/room addition to your home.  Once the framing is done you can then start on the sub flooring.  This may sound like a lot of work but in actuality you are also adding to the resale value of your home.  Although after this man cave you may never want to leave or sell your home!
  • Insulation- No matter the climate that you reside in you must choose insulation that benefits you and thegarage-man-cave weather in your area the most. This will add to the comfort of the cave as well as the overall structure.  It may add a bit to helping with the transfer of sound so you don’t scare your neighbors with all the yelling you and your fellow football friends may find yourself doing.
  • Lighting- Now it’s time to add electricity. Think lights, power for that BIG TV you know you want to install and who can forget about the surround sound! Not to mention the refrigerator that needs to be properly powered so that you may keep all the beer or refreshing other beverages cold!
  • Plumbing- You don’t have to necessarily add plumbing to your newly converted carport, however if you choose to install a small bathroom you want to make sure the plumbing is done right and that it is a quality job, so as to head of leaks and unpleasant smells or clogs.
  • Drywall- Once you have all of the foundation pieces in place it is now time for the drywall. Your getting close to really having that space you have coveted and are beginning to see your newly built man cave rather than just the shell of it.
  • Painting The Walls- Once the drywall is in place you are now ready to paint. Whether you choose to paint your space your team’s color or go for a more neutral feel the best part about it is the fact that you can choose any colors you would like!
  • Choosing The Right Garage Door- You will want to talk with your garage door company and their experts as to find the best garage door & opener for your nw space. They will help to guide you in the right direction with cost, accessibility and the style that will fit your needs best.

football-man-caveNow it’s time to add your teams memorabilia and other decorations and furniture to completely make this new space yours! What was once your carport is now your man cave ready to host football gatherings and a great space to hang out in! Who knew converting a carport into a spectacular man cave could be so easy and right in time for football season!