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The Death Of a Young Defensive Lineman-University of Maryland

football-related-deathsOver the past few years there has been a focus on the effects of football on a players mind, body and most specifically brain.  With a handful of players comitting suicide or dying of causes seemingly related to football, Americas beloved sport is now in a controversial debate on whether it is really healthy for players to engage in such a rough contact sport.   One of the most prominent cases that is still playing out and has the University of Maryland under a lot of fire is the death of defensive lineman Jordan McNair, who collapsed from heat stroke last spring during partice. The lack of effort from then coach DJ Durkin has many speculating if yound and promising Jordan could have been saved if better efforts were pit forth to bring his body temperature down. Noy to mention the question of was the coach and coaching staff pushing the players too hard.

 I myself, am a true and crazed football fan.  I love everything football and can’t wait for the start of football season each year.  Many of you may have even read my last post on how to tun your garage or car port into a man cave for all things related football.  However, with more and more light being shed on the incident and unfortunate death in Maryland, I mysel,f have to wonder if coaches such as Durkin are helping to give football a bad name and if there are indeed more saftery precautions and measures that should and can be taken. Let’s focus for a minute on some of the info that we do know about the football tragedy in Maryland.

University Of Maryland Football Related Death Facts


  • Athletic Director Damon evans, New President Wallace Loh and Coach Dj Durkin are all underfire and at rsik of losing their jobs
  • Coach DJ Durkin has been on administrative leave since September
  • 2010 Wallace Loh made his first big decision as president during a 3 year salary & hiring freeze at the University. He made a 2 million dollar payout to old coach Ralph Friedgen whom he let go a year early and hired new coach Randy Edsall
  • 2011 to invest more money in football and lend more focus to the sport Wallace also cut 8 other varsity sports at the college.  He got ride of men/womens swimming & diving, mens cross country, indoor/outdoor track, womens water polo and mens tennis

football-injuriesLike I said earlier in this post, I understand as a football fan the importance people can place on the sport.  Now with a young player dead, and a University that has some major controversy surrounding their football program the real question I ask is, is it really worth it?  Football is a game that is meant to be enjoyed and of course get a little competitive over, but when it turns into a sinsiter sport and players dying when they don’t have to that is taking it a little too far.  With brain injuries and eeffcts of the rough sport of football on the brain shouldn’t we be focusing more on that issue then on corrupt University presidents and coaches who aren’t really caring for their players.  Men like Loh adn Durkin give football a bad name and their practices show anything but love for the sport. All I see are two men who are in it to win it with no cost to large.