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The Return Of Football Season


pre-season-footballIt’s here, or at least so close to being here all of us football fans can taste it! What am I talking about?? The 2018 NFL season, with the preseason kicking off this past August 2nd with the Hall of Fame game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Chicago Bears.  Football fans from all around started to celebrate the return of the the upcoming season hours before the game even kicked off. Many taking to social media to share their joy and excitement. Afterall, we haven’t seen an NFL football game since February 4, 2017 when Super Bowl LII was played, and it’s pretty safeNFL-football-season to say we all have been jonesing for footballs return since!  I’d say that football season brings with it the holidays, colder weather and some great Sundays and Monday nights watching America’s game with friends and family. There is just something about watching football either on TV or especially at an actual game with all of the other football fanatics surrounding you only enhancing your excitement! So what is it about football that has us all in such a trance waiting for it’s return and counting down the days??

Why America Loves Football

  • There is such a long off season for football it helps build excitement & anticipation
  • Regular Season games ALL become a big event
  • Tailgating has become a favorite American pastime and only adds to the excitement
  • In-Stadium football games have become quite the experience with all of the enhancements, food, entertainment surrounding you
  • Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in America & that halftime show never hurts the ratings either
  • Fantasy Football leagues have become quite the tradition & the get togethers they create are added fun
  • Kneeling during the anthem & controversial players add to the news cloud and peeks most people’s interest
  • It’s one of the greatest sports played( I may be biased)

NFL-footballIn general football has been America’s game for as long as I can remember.  Maybe it’s because it comes around the holidays and we grew up with football playing in the background while the smells of Thanksgiving wafting through the air.  Maybe it’s because so many people are interested in the sport defending their teams and the friendly betting and competition make it that much more appealing. Whatever it is there’s just something undeniably about the game of football.  Even with recent years showcasing the dangers and head trauma that can be experienced fans and especially those die hard fans can’t quite let go of their love for the game. So CHEERS to all you fellow football fanatics out there! The season is just about to begin and we have 6 months of football and the next Super Bowl to look forward too!